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Bunthan Say

April 26 2011

Could K2 user in sync with Anahita user?

Most of us love K2 component which we can develop most of sites' needed. And I would love to see also that K2 user and Anahita user can syncronize each others. Could that be possible? #suggestions

You should be able to write a user plugin that keeps the two in sync. By the way, on Anahita we treat users as people ;) so it would be an Anahita person (joking!)

What would be the benefit of having both k2 user and Anahita person?
I thought I want to use K2 as our content management (include blog) for the site and while Anahita is for our private network. But sometimes, if I want anahita person to write an article or submit file from K2. Is that possible if we don't need to sync them?

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