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Shayne Bartlett

Shayne Bartlett

August 05 2009

Just Looking

Is this the new discussion extension you guys have talked about? #anahita #social #development

Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
August 14 2009 Permalink
Yes it is. Still need to do some more work but so far so good. The next step is ability to have sub-containers so then we get to assign applications (photos, discussions) into them
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
August 22 2009 Permalink
I\'d say for another 30-40 hours the discussion board will be ready
Sami Kleit
Sami Kleit
August 28 2009 Permalink
it looks good.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
September 26 2009 Permalink
Thank you Sami, few small updates has made a big difference. We are resoliving more bugs.
apparently my wife\'s friend\'s niece is called anahita :-)
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
October 17 2009 Permalink
That is a beautiful name, I wonder if my future wife will look like the Anahita logo!
James O'Sullivan
James O'Sullivan
April 16 2010 Permalink
fast and simple:) i like alot
I would say: "down to the topic" hihi ;-)
Is it possible to choose moderators especially for the anahtita-discussion?
I think about a moderationssystem, which provides me to choose a moderator only for one main theme.

And what about smilies? ;) there an alternative to show 'only' new opened topics in the dashboard instead of showing every post, which a member made?
Because try to imagine you have every minute a new post, so other informations would go down in the dashboard.
do you mean in the gadget or the story feed ? in gadget I agree. for the story feed we can are going to add filtering per application
I mean the normal dashboard:
Do you call it gadget? :D
If yes, yes, I meant that. :P
The module boxes on the right side are called dashboard gadgets. yes I agree with you there are just same topics. We should put the new updated topic rather than the posts! I mean the information in the middle of the dashboard. Not the right side.
Maybe its called the Story Feed :D

But you said: for the story feed we can are going to add filtering per application!

So everything is fine! :D
Yes, those are the story feeds. That's a little bit different we need to add filtering to filter the stories.

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