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Nick Balestra

nick balestra

November 24 2009

ohanah event engine

Hello Everybody,

as beyounic we are starting working on an event platform for the Anahita Social Engine, using the Social Engine will allow the event manager system to be able to handle social features out of the box that are anyway needed in such a system like attendee and their own profiles, or updates trough the activity stream. In the node-graph-stories design the system will act as an Actor Node. Because of the rich logic, it can become its own platform on wich people build apps.

We are focusing on the problem in order to define a design, an architecture that will provide what Anahita Social Engine does with Social Networking, but on the events domain: an Event Manager System Developing Framework and Platform.

We Opening a board here to hear from you guys, what you will look for in such an event manager system. Just start the discussion here and on the Google Group for the Anahita Social Engine Project. And moving it at a later stage to a dedicated g group for the more interested people. #anahita #social #development

Dale-Kurt Murray
Dale-Kurt Murray
November 29 2009 Permalink

1. RSVP on events
2. Google Maps for locations
3. Integration into JReviews for locations and events
4. View friends who have RSVP on events
5. Link events with photos and discussion within the same page and option to move to each component
Torkil Johnsen
Torkil Johnsen
December 04 2009 Permalink
Sounds very interesting!
Nick Balestra
nick balestra
December 05 2009 Permalink
Thanks for your feedback Dale. Jreviews integration should not be a problem as they have the everywhere addon that i think should work pretty seamless.
Dale-Kurt Murray
Dale-Kurt Murray
December 09 2009 Permalink
You\'re welcome Nick

1. create and share itinerary of events (personalized event grouping)
2. Link events with photos and discussion... *please include videos
Anahita has Geolocation in the roadmap will this be a feature in the event component of Anahita? I would like to see the feature where people are able to both RSVP and check-in on an event.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
February 01 2010 Permalink
All the nodes have geo location fields including the address fields. The Geo location API is very likely done in the 0.9.5 if everything else goes as planned.
Nick Balestra
nick balestra
February 26 2010 Permalink
yep, thats a nice thing!
Invitation module from your social graph would be excellent also..
Yep Peter, this is somthing we are testing: inviting among your follower.
@Nick - great.. sounds good. The event manager will be a very important element.. How about filters by category and perhaps easy links for TODAY, TOMORROW, THIS WEEKEND - things that will make it easier for people to search events to participate in.
Thanks Peter! We are focusing on building an event saas(software as a service) based on nooku framework, joomla and anahita fw to offer a service online for people to creates their event, sell their ticket, amd so on. we have focused on the event domain in a social way, as we have saw events are social gathering, and thereofre needs to be social suppoerted indepth. In fact a community is where people meet and join together because they share something, a sense of belonging, a common goal, a passion, ... well ain't that much different form an event itsefl isn't it?

I'll keep all of you posted here about, we are not yet at an alpha stage and will sahre with you more in the coming days. cheeers!
Hello Anahitapolians!
For any of you interested in joining our project, we are please to give anahitapolis people the chance to be among the first to start experience our Event SaaS(software as a service) based on anahita social engine.

Is not a demo site, but the embryonic stage of what will become a saas for people to create their events online and nurture social networks around them.

Please don't expect too much at the moment. We are not yet at an alpha stage and we haven't yet announced anything online, we are trying our best to announce something during the JAB, so please just don't buzz about it.

please follow this link and complete the invitation request form:

Looking forward to hear from you
James O'Sullivan
James O'Sullivan
May 17 2010 Permalink
All signed up Nick, exciting times - very much looking forward to seeing the hard work.
Nick.. is this going to be a social app available to Anahita? or is this just your own separate website and implementation?
Hey Peter, we are creating together with Rastin & Ash an event engine that we will use to build our SaaS upon. Building a SaaS is allready a very intensive time and resource consuming process , therefore for the moment we are focused and we stick to SaaS and Apis only.

Thinkin at this moment at releasing this as a social app is something we cannot even plan. Priorities first ;-) In This direction a SaaS will for sure grant far more user experience because of the larger userbase and the focus on implementing concepts and ideas instead of having to take care about installation issues, comaptibility, etc...
The revenue and business behind should also permits a far better situation to us then mantaining an open source project trying to get profit only from selling support or biproducts & services around it. We don't know many example of people having'g tried to put a saas online based on joomla, so we are pioneirng this businedd model in the joomlasphere and if anybody have experience or would like to join for disucssions of anything in this field..i would love to hear from you.

A SaaS is a specific object with specific requirements, while a generic application have different requirement and stakeholders to keep in mind.
The ideal situation for us will be somekind of wordpress like busness model with the SaaS on one side, nurturing the open source project on the other side.But this is too far away for the moment. So lets just trying to make an event SaaS that works, and works good.

With our project we are anyway contributing back to the anahita social engine and framework, levaraging the knowledge and experience, reaching important goals by providing arhcitectural proof of concepts and therefore improving anahita istelf. Let'say we are doing some pioneristic work that can then be useful for creating and developing other important building blocks, aka actor nodes.

Hope to have answered your answer, if anything just let me know :-)
I'm a little confused as to why or how you are labeling this a SaaS. Is this going to plug in and work/interact with/on other Anahita installations? If so, will it be through an API that allows the information to appear organic on all sites? like piping in data? How will multiple communities interact with the data? can it be set to be location specific? Are you going to charge to participate?

Are you looking at running this like an A metasearch engine for events with a community aspect? Like facebooks marketplace being powered by oodle? A lot of things are left unanswered.. perhaps you can be more descriptive? I've used oodle to supplement my marketplace on a site.. something like that?

Thanks.. not trying to be a hard a&*, just trying to understand.
Don't worry Peter, you are most then welcome. I will try my best to make your mind a little bit more clear...

Have you ever used eventbrite, amiando, or meetup (just to neme a few)? This are all SaaS in the event service industry online and are what normally people address to as SaaS.

While eventbrite and amiando focus their business as registration systems and ticket dispencers, meetup more into online groups that meet sometime in a while on the real world (to me more similar to what ning actually is but with some more focus and attention to events centric groups).

We always found the that the best value in every event we attended was the networking. Thats why we are focusing on providing networking tools, to nurture social networks around each event, while placing every event in a bigger shared graph, as doing so, events can then share attendees, sponsors, speakers, organizers and so on, resulting in wider audience, bigger visibility and and more networking opportunities.

People will of course being able to sell tickets directly and install all sort of event application in their event node. For example you would like to have a badgeting tools inside your event, an hotel registration system, and a venue map or maybe a repository of all the keynotes slides from the spekears, ecc ecc.

The Idea is that the event dashboard will somehow work as an aggregator of all the activities happingin in realtime around the event itself. Pulling from other services, for example twitter, all the twitts regarding the #jab10 ashtag or youtube video according to metatag or even slideshare or prezi presentaions as well.All this pulled information will then remain on the event history, and all the social cloud formed around it can grow and evolve into the next event without having to make all the process again from zero.
We haven't yet startet to experiment with this proof of concept as I've wrote early on we are really at the beginning and not even yet at an alpha level.

Is this going to plug in and work/interact with/on other Anahita installations?

Well, if Anahita will succedd in becoming a distribuited social network system, then our project could also become a specialized events node in this network making his apis and services availeble to all the other node in the graph to use them. But this is really far away from now.

Hey guys, sorry for being away from anahitapolis for a while, well we are starting to takle the first ohanah event app. because event registration is a damn big issue for a lot of event, we are stuyding the new wufoo restfull apis, and create a wufoo application that will be runned inside ohanah event so that people can create their own registration, and own fully the data they collect and bacuse wufoo being a dman powerfull system you can do a tons of things out of the box with that data and within your event allready, up to your fantasy.

I'll keep you posted here about the how things proceede.

cheers, Nick
Isn't wufoo a pay for service though? how are you going to manage that?
well.. they also offer a nice free plan as well: 3 forms, 100entry/month, which should/could be ok for mid-small events. if you think that in the around 70'000 meetup groups the average is less then 100 people per group, i think it just fit the picture. if you need more you could then just pay the few bucks they ask for such a superb form management, as the integrations they offer are almost limitless. on the other end of the price spectrum, spending 199$ for a 100k people event registration system, done in few minutes and integrated on whatever you like, while owning completely the data, is also really really cheap.
but for the time being we don't target such corporate events, so this was the best choice we could have done after having talked with many event organizers.

We can still be able to create custom registration systems to run inside ohanah for such big events, in the case we got such request.

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