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Cyndy Prilly

Cyndy Prilly

March 07 2010

Cheezburger API as an Add-On Extension? has all the information on making a Cheezburger application. Here\'s the link for the developers\' site:

I never could figure out why people wanted the Facebook app. But I do want this one, because I think it would help bring in traffic to the site. It\'s an activity that users can do.

I\'m even thinking of asking them for a new category for my niche market. Apparently they WANT new categories, so there\'s a good chance they\'d do it. They have a page for all the other categories that are not on their main menu.

I\'m planning and new social site and this is one thing I\'ve been looking at for a week, trying to figure out how I could do something similar. Then I found their API information today.

This would be an add-on extension for a Social Site, obviously. I\'ve been researching things that people can DO when they\'re on a social website. Things that are so fun they\'ll come back.

I want a whole tacklebox full of terrific lures. :)

I\'m kinda curious... Cheezeburger seems to have that API information laid out very well. How long does it take for a developer to put together something like that for Joomla?

Cyndy #anahita #social #development

Or better yet, I\'ve been looking for a bubble-Caption maker with ratings and comments for Joomla.

I also want a real Photo Contest system, where people can vote daily for their favorite. Contests are for a specific length of time. Should have real \"votes\" rather than a ratings system. Provide winners\' gallery for past winners. Option of one winner, or top three winners. You know, the typical photo contest. Which is not so typical as there\'s nothing like it for Joomla or hardly anywhere.

I also want a greeting card system that works on the private message system. We\'ve got RW Cards, which is a lovely program but is email only and in most Social Groups the emails are hidden, so we can\'t even send eCards to our own friends in the Social Club. I suppose somebody could adapt RW Cards to do that. To be able to send birthday cards, friendship cards, etc ... why aren\'t we doing that in these clubs?

I think Ecards for the PM system might even be appropriate for a business site.

I like Facebook\'s Give a Heart app. It\'s basically a poke system (or a Gift system) but it\'s nicer than pokes because the hearts are so pretty. I can provide a library of pretty hearts, I\'ve already started on that in hopes of having Gifts or Pokes one of these days.

I realize Anahita Dev team is involved with the core system and these things I\'ve mentioned are fluff by comaparison. But the other programmers /developers who hang out around here might be interested in my research.

These things I\'ve listed would make a big difference in how much fun a social site can be. I\'ve been involved with online clubs for 12 years, and one thing I\'ve noticed is that people are getting really bored with just hanging out. They want things to do.

The Men who design all these social sites: what do you do with them? Gaming clubs? Sports clubs? Music downloads? Dating sites? There are thousands of women\'s groups and family groups and churches that NEED the social photo things I\'ve described in order to draw people in. And it\'s just not being done yet. Untapped potential users for Joomla sites. :)

These Photo Apps I\'ve listed are not currently available for Joomla. JWallpapers does have a Photo Contest module and will release a new version in about a month. That is very promising, I think it will have the necessary features. I\'d like to see it tie in to Anahita, since it\'s the only Photo Contest app around.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
March 13 2010 Permalink
\"a Cheezburger application\" lol ... I had no idea that website had an actual API too!

\"I never could figure out why people wanted the Facebook app\"

Possibly because there is a well defined API and a user base of 350 million people there.

Yes you could always build a Cheezburger integration as an Anahita Social App. You could be looking at 60-100 hours of development time based on our current experience. It could well take less time in the future as the Anahita API is improving.
I asked the Jomsocial website owners if the Facebook Connect API had done them any good, and they said, NO, it didn\'t seem to make any difference. Everybody on the forum thought they HAD to have Facebook, it was the big push for several months.

And then when they got it, it was pretty much a big ol\' flop as far as I could tell.

I wasn\'t interested in Facebook Connect because I have several programs bridged together and the data flows a certain way. The Facebook API would have messed up the integration. So I wondered if I was missing out on anything. Apparently not.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
March 16 2010 Permalink
\"it didn\'t seem to make any difference\"

True! people expect that software performs some viral marketing miracle and bring over lots of people and magically get them to engage happily ever after, and in reality they don\'t.

I think facebookConnect is really a matter of convenience because it is quite a bit of work to sign up and fill up yet another profile. I have used facebookConnect several times. If community owners what more people they should learn how to nurture a community and bring people together, Software can\'t replace human intuition and charisma.

For the same reason we are rethinking the concept of building com_invites for Anahita. OpenInviter\'s integration sounds like a Marketer\'s \"exciting\" dream but in reality it is a crowd-sourced spam machine, and I doubt it that it will ever lead to a community of engaged people. Besides most people these days keep their contacts (or socialgraph) on facebook or twitter not on gmail, hotmail, etc.
I defenitely agree - social graph are hosted on Fb or Twitter mostly.

Of course nurture a community, making it as a whole, letting it breath, grow, evolve is not an easy task, and for sure even if on the net its a social activity of the human being that cannot be solved by a \"grouwyourcommunity.exe\" tool.

In this topic i would like to mension again adn again - the latest book from jono bacon (its free licence so you can download it for free) - \"The art of COmmunity\".

Another aspect about using and always refering to just facebook and twitter social graphs, this is a reductive way, as i believe in a multidimensional world and multidemsnional socialgraph, we have parallels alteregos living all together, we have a family life, a friend/buddies life, a sexual life, a party life, apreofessional life,... all of this are social graphs that may or maynot overlap and intersect in some cases. And a community is not only defined by who is \"in\" but also by \"who cannot be in\" this is how socialgraphs works, and there are set-subsets, ecc, in fact in facebook is a socialgraph container to there are many community into it, many social graphs.
\"True! people expect that software performs some viral marketing miracle and bring over lots of people and magically get them to engage happily ever after, and in reality they don\'t.\"

Exactly. Yes! I had a very busy forum for years but I had to really work hard to keep everybody entertained. After awhile I wondered why I was doing it, especially when the problems in the club began to overwhelm the benefits.

This is why I\'m looking for Entertainment apps. Things that will truly make people happy to be at my site, but I won\'t have to spin the wheels FOR them. I know that a good group takes a lot of work. But I also think the web administrators need some serious help, providing good things to do. And, my niche is with women. There\'s lots of stuff on the JED that appeals to men, but not so much there for the ladies.

I have also observed that some social formats keep people from getting \"too\" involved with each other; which is another hazard in a club (especially a ladies club!!) Facebook tends to keep everything at a very superficial level. Their social interface is not as comprehensive as a forum. I think that might be an advantage.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
March 16 2010 Permalink
\"in fact in facebook is a socialgraph container to me\"

lol ... I like that.

Actually the main difference between the read/write web and social web is the social graph!
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
March 16 2010 Permalink
\" And, my niche is with women. There\'s lots of stuff on the JED that appeals to men, but not so much there for the ladies. \"

You need to get more women to develop extensions Cyndy otherwise that isn\'t going to change. I think a lot of ladies make fine software engineers and programmers, it\'s wonderful to see what they create.

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