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Dale-Kurt Murray

Dale-Kurt Murray

September 06 2009

Suggestion - Age Verification at Registration

Hi, I\'m interested in having an age verification as apart of the sign up/registration process is this something that could be implemented as apart of Anahita\'s sign up flow? #suggestions

Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
September 15 2009 Permalink
Hi Dale,

We have all kinds of registration workflow requests and suggestions coming in. They are all valid and also quite diverse too. Our take is that custom registration workflows are better added as Anahita extensions rather than becoming part of the Social Engine itself since every business have a slightly different work flow model and we cannot possibly implement all of them.

So once 0.9.4 release is ready we will look into developing good registration workflow APIs so people could implement their own custom registration extensions.
Eric Doriean
Eric Doriean
August 05 2010 Permalink
Agree. Thanks Rastin... :)
Hi Scott,

No, I have not implemented an age verification plugin for Anahita. This is on my low priority list at the moment. However I am open to bumping it up with some help.

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