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May 20 2011

Topic and didcusions -links and difficulty

As a relative new Anahita covert/ 'tester' I find some aspects of the site difficult or rather I know my users will find it rather unintuitive. For example the Kunena discussion on here is 2 pages long, its very long on the page and because of its layout feels awkward to use. If its a long ongoing discussion the notification link takes one to the top of the first page. Maybe in addition to the title link it should also have a link directly to the last reply in the discussion... or at least the reply itself that one is being notified about..

I haven't really had enough activity on my profile/dashboard to fully see that in action. Can this be changed to make the notifications better and more intuitive? As if one is regularly participating in a discussion surely one would like a direct link to the last comment rather than being taken to the first comment and then also having to scroll down a very long page to find the page numbers... #suggestions

There is a linked # next to each reply that are supposed to be permalinks and they are not working properly. We have to fix them.

True I think the story item and Email Notification related to a medium should redirect to the posted comment which is often the last page of comments.

I'll add them to the to-do list
May 31 2011 Permalink
Any progress on this? Also the comment button in these pots as in HERE are not obvious to find this should appear at the end of ALL posts so its obvious where they are surely?
@Dominic I agree the comments on the story feeds can be improved.

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