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Dale-Kurt Murray

Dale-Kurt Murray

November 11 2009

Anahita with JReviews

JReviews has been integrated in many of the other community components for Joomla, do you see Anahita being apart of that list or are there any intentions or building a similar component in the future? #suggestions

Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
November 12 2009 Permalink
I haven\'t seen JReview yet, perhaps when the time is right their developers will contact us or one of our partners will bring it up.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
November 12 2009 Permalink
I just had a look at their demo, I don\'t see why it shouldn\'t work with Anahita outside the box. What sort of integrations do people want on a social network? Generating activity updates and displaying the list of reviews that a person has submitted?
Yasin Rahim
Yasin Rahim
November 13 2009 Permalink
Basically, Anahita profile thumbnail integration with Jreviews with a link to the profile would work to start with.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
November 15 2009 Permalink
that would be just a simple Anahita social app+plugin, everything else will just fall in the right place.
Nick Balestra
nick balestra
November 25 2009 Permalink
Jreview have the Jreview everywhere addon, this should make the trick without having to worry to much...need to be checked, when i have some time i\'ll try it out and let you knwo here. Did some of you allready tryed it out the everywhere addon together woith Anahita?
Eugene Tizon
Eugene Tizon
January 12 2010 Permalink
I hope anahita would have its own rating and review system. Even a simple one. It is what makes it truly organic.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
January 12 2010 Permalink
@Eugene - Anahita is a platform as well as a framework. There will be many extensions and social apps available for the community or from the community :)
Ryan McMaster
February 01 2010 Permalink
fingers crossed
Unknown Person
March 22 2010 Permalink
I have been using JReviews quite awhile and knowing Alejandro, he has been doing Community integration since the early days of CB and seems never missed out any community components so far.

He even has integration done for Joomunity which unfortunately is a dead project/development.

JReviews doesn't require community to work (it work with native Juser) but having community integration will only results in win-win to both components :)

One way to speed this integration (he usually do simple integration first like someone says here; avatar and user syncs, although he also made tight integration on streams with JomSocial. So I dont see why not with Anahita) is by sharing developer copy with him.

I know this because I intro him to JomSocial (and even time-to-time talk about Anahita progress). I dont think its fair to him for me to share the details we talked here in public but from the demo, you could see he integrates JReviews with Morph templating system by Prothemer. From previous observations and patterns, it looks like it takes stable or RC for him to even start looking for integration work (lesson learned from Joomunity).So if you asked me, JReviews is really integration-friendly component :) (mean you might want to wait a little while than paying for integration jobs on freelancers).

Its always good to see top extensions work seamlessly with each other. Lemme know how we could help and contribute to Anahita's growth.
hmm.. I just took a look at JReviews. I'm new to joomla so I had never seen it before. How do you think it compares to something like phpMyDirectory in terms of being a business directory? Looks very nice though.
Hi Everyone. I am here and willing to take a look at what needs to be done to integrate JReviews with Anahita when Anahita is closer to being released. Some have asked what sort of integration is possible so I list it below based on the JomSocial integration:

1. Username/Name linked back to profile with avatar
2. Activity feeds and points (JomSocial specific)
3. Plugins for MyReviews, MyListings and MyFavorites shown in user profile
4. Ability to review users in profile via the Everywhere Add-on. The add-on enables having a single, unified, review system across several components.

I would obviously need a copy to install in localhost for development.
The Anahita plugin is ready and will be included in the next update. It provides just basic integration (profile links and avatars).

If anyone knows how to get the Amazon S3 storage path from Anahita let me know. Right now the integration only supports the local storage option.

Are there any applications available for download that could be used as a starting point for creating new ones?

Is there a developer manual? I searched, but couldn't find one.

Temporary demo here:
June 01 2010 Permalink
So is there anyway to get a very simple hellome type application for Anahita to use as reference for building new apps? Otherwise I am stuck and there's no way to do any further integration.
@Alejandro - thank you so much for initiating the effort. I've just responded to your email. It should be in your mailbox.

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