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Bunthan Say

June 29 2011

User Color Theme preference?

The color theme that Anahita has available now is very limited to users. It would be great if anahita come with several themes for user to choose as they like. Some would prefer green, orange, blue....

The same engine but user would have different look and feel. Could that be done! #anahita #social #networking #engine

Jon Martin
Jon Martin
June 29 2011 Permalink
Anahita is not a pre-packaged product like for example JomSocial that comes with pre-set settings.

It's a huge toolbox of social networking apps and tools that allows you to create anything. Hence Social Networking ENGINE.

To change the look of the network, you could take a copy of the current Shiraz template, and fork the development into your own custom creation. Alternatively you could write your own template from scratch, perhaps using Gantry, Morph, or any other templating Engine you choose.

Possibilites are endless, and that's why we love Anahita.
Myles Orme
Myles Orme
July 02 2011 Permalink
My play-pen is green thanks to gantry tweaks.

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