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Myles Orme

Myles Orme

July 02 2011

Framework & engine working by extension?

I'm expecting to be on a steep learning curve, re-skilling myself as a developer having moved away from that more years ago than is decent to admit.

I'm excited, but realistic enough to know that I won't have enough time to develop from scratch. I'm hoping that I can use the out-of-the-box Anahita and then extend it using the framework.

That way the users get something workable and whilst I skill up.

I can see how this will work with a discrete social app that introduces new functionality (in the way the todo app does), but what about extending what is there already in simple ways - new content types, new views for instance, adding attachments to stories or changing the profiles - so I have do start from scratch to do that sort of thing? #anahita #social #networking #engine

Hi Myles,

Those are all possible. It's just about learning the tricks. Because of the Factory and Mixin patterns and template override for all the HTML outputs/js and css you can virtually change the behavior of every object within Anahita. That includes controllers/views and entities and etc. It's just a matter of experimenting and pushing the boundaries of Anahita. For example with one of our tribe members, we quickly prototype a plugin that would completely change the behavior of Anahita ™ Photos app.

Having said that you still need to lean the how-tos and tricks of Anahita in order to be able push its boundaries. That's part of learning to develop on any platform and not just Anahita.


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