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July 10 2011

Analystics App?

I'm about to start my social site in the near future. I try to source around regarding analystic app that will work with Anahita social engine smoothly. If anyone know please advice.

The tool will generate report of all activities in the social engine with visual charts. It will also show the user/group statistic when we click on them. For instance, how many followers he/she has? Photos? Articles/Topics? Comments?... #anahita #social #development

July 10 2011 Permalink
I had started a topic @ Basically there will be an analytics app once there is more data to use on this site. @rastin are there any plans for an analytics app yet (have we reached that point that there is enough data to use)?
yes there will be but first we need to know the difference between parameters that we think we need and those that actually matter.

To give you an example since in Anahita everything is defined as nodes, graphs, and stories at the atomic level we have been tracking concepts such as number of nodes, graphs, or stories created per unit of time and overlapping those data. Then applying filters to those data based on the type of nodes or graphs.

This is a new way of observing the growth of a social network so we are still in the learning process ourselves to see which one of these findings provide more useful cues on how to nurture and grow a community more effectively.

It is way to early to package that as a product and ship it out.
@Chaim, the link is not working.
@Rastin I feel fresh and excited that you are taking of that matters.

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