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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

July 19 2011

David Logan on tribal leadership

Looks like the Atrium group is a stage 2 going to stage 3 and the Premium Tribe is a stage 3 going to stage 4. The question is: Will our tribe change the world?

Rastin, That is a nice find, thanks! I will add multi-tribal level 5 powered by Anahita in my CV ;-D (of course it would only be true if we all here did at the same time, or would it?)

I think the speech and framework is interesting. I spent 3 years in South Africa and got to know a lot first hand on truth and reconciliation. It is an ongoing tough process, and calling it as something completed is not the best thing to do. It is even worse that Desmond takes ownership of it - and worse still that the world enthrones him and the process as his. It is fundamentally a multi-generational trauma that is rolling on. In many ways The P&R platform stole truth and reconciliation from everyone who also needed it (the many, not just the worse offenders).

I like Anahita and your words - this is an incomplete ongoing process - a process for tribes/niches that each do what they are passionate about, and share a DNA (I would say Anahita provides the RNA).

We change the world only by changing OUR own world - where we live, what we do, with whom we do it. It is a highly personal process to become real and grounded in a way that has an effect on the real world; to create communities that actually mean something to themselves.

Truth and reconciliation can be likened to Google+. It is an attempt to create a platform to encircle everyone - but real tribes are built from the bottom up, and participation grows by doing together. A finished box is a definite border which however well intended will always limit the potential of human values.

Perhaps Anahita is defining what a new paradigm is - where I agree fully with Logan is that people cannot see levels above/below naturally. So it may take some time to prove this new paradigm, when there is a time when level 5 is not some improbable foreign example, but something that exists wherever we are - where some of Anahita's RNA is floating around and replicating.
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@Aleks I find it very interesting that while social networking technologies are being developed in this day and age we are going back and relearning all the basic concepts such as what privacy, friendship, leadership, followship (is that even a word?!), and tribes.

True a major part of the Anahita project is not only developing great software, but also building and nurturing tribes. Tribes are the most natural environment for innovation, creativity, and new ideas to flourish. Learning is no longer an active task, it becomes part of the everyday natural life process.

Our main drive to nurture and grow the Anahita projects is challenging any top down control system that governs today's politics, distribution of information, news, education, work place, and commerce.

We do that by building environments that nurture and empower tribes where top down and centralized authority is replaced by a bottom up democracy and meritocracy where leadership is earned and not appointed and information flows like fresh water.

I like to call that our world liberation plan ;)
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Great video

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