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Robert Philibert

Robert Philibert

July 22 2011

Anahita compatibility with various Joomla extensions?

I am not sure as what to expect concerning Anahita and its current & future compatibility with various Joomla extensions. Upon attempting to install some of the extensions I have used on other Joomla 1.5 installations I have run into numerous problems. As such I do not know how to proceed since I don't know if the problem resides with the current version of Anahita or quirks in the extension or server configuration.

The domains and projects I would like to have integrated with Anahita are currently using Joomla 1.5.23 and require various CMS functions typical of Joomla extensions.

As a newly registered member here I see little information or membership involvement on the Anahitapolis Atrium by which to base a logical or informed decision.

While I am quite impressed with the basic functionality of Anahita and its tribal leadership, I question the logic of moving too far from the Joomla reservation.

Here is a short list of some of the extensions I have attempted to install but was not successful: ( NoNumber Manager v2.4.6 // SOBI2 v2.9.4.1 // Kunena v1.6.4 // eXtplorer v2.1.0RC3 // Flex Banner v1.5.59 )

While I don't expect support with installation issues involving 3rd party extensions. However I would appreciate some insight into what to expect as Anahita progresses to 1.6 & 1.7. Surely as developers of Anahita as a distro of Joomla your refactoring of the existing code base has provided you enough insight regarding compatibility and functionality issues to provide this type of critical information.

Thanks in advance for information concerning compatibility issues as I am a marketing specialist & not a coder. #bugs #anahitapolis

Andy Nash
Andy Nash
July 22 2011 Permalink
Fyi, I've used several NoNumber extensions without too much difficulty, and also use a number of other 3rd-party extensions currently without any particular issues.

As you say the move to 1.6/1.7 may change that, however as Nooku Server appears to be claiming compatibility with most J1.5/1.6 extensions, I'm not sure whether there is perhaps too much caution in this area (which I think began before Nooku began to claim good compatibility with J1.5/1.6)?

It would be useful to know if Anahita itself is likely to impose incompatibility beyond that brought in by a switch to Nooku server, or whether the right people to ask this question are the guys at Nooku?

It might also be worth looking briefly at what errors you did in fact get with those extensions you tried, in case there is a different cause?
Hi Robert, welcome to Anahitapolis

It is true that we have used a stripped down version of Joomla as a container and one of the ingredients to build the Anahita Social Networking Engine, but we are not committed to make sure that Joomla! extensions will install and work flawlessly on Anahita. In fact in every release of Anahita we have taken out more of Joomla and eventually all Joomla will be discarded and we will be using the NookuServer as the web application platform of choice.

Again it is true that NookuServer is promising backwards compatibility with Joomla extensions, however that is not our goal stay faithful to that. NookuServer will be integrated as a web application platform to build the Anahita Social Networking Engine. From that point it becomes a standalone technology of it's own that is no longer a CMS (though it comes with some CMS functionality bundled with it).

This is similar to when you buy a copy of Mac OSX. It has been developed using all kinds of different technologies under the hood: UNIX freebsd, Java, Coco, Ruby, php, apache, mysel, etc. however it comes to you as Mac OSX. You might be able to run some linux and unix applications on it too, however they'll never operate like the applications that are developed natively for the Mac OSX.

At this moment since there is still some Joomla blood in the Anahita viens, some Joomla extensions might install just fine or with some modifications they might work just fine. In fact we are using a number of Joomla extensions on this website ourselves. That is until we gradually develop native extensions to Anahita that serve the purpose more effectively in a social networking context.

In general we believe that social networking technologies cannot be added to an existing system such as a CMS. The very foundations of a social web service has to be a social networking engine and all the apps that are installed on the social networking engine have to be rethought and redeveloped with the social networking context in mind.

David Ferguson, Facebook Engineering Manager has once mentioned "You build things on top of social, you don't' try to build social into products".

That is one of the major design issues with many projects that are trying to add social networking to existing content management systems and therefore they remain within the limitations of a CMS and endup with systems that don't freely evolve and change following the correct social networking nodes-graphs-stories architecture.

So one of our efforts in the Anahita project has been to help people move away from the CMS and CMS way of thinking and start thinking in a social networking context which is a completely different concept.

As for the support goes on the Premium groups for some of the existing Joomla extensions used for SEO, slideshows, etc. that are generic and could be used in any context (cms or social networks) we do discuss and help each other on how to get them to work in Anahita. It is not a promise, but we do what we can with what we know to help each other out. It is open source code after all and we like to play with code and get it to do what we want it to do.
Thanks for responding…

I am a Business Model Developer & Internet Marketing Specialist working on an extremely large and complex start-up project. At this point my personal time & financial resources have been focused on this project since August of 93. My investment in this project is quite extreme considering I have dedicated over 65,000 hours of my life and an incalculable amount of money.

Not being a programmer I am extremely concerned about stability and progressive implementation of features & functionality. Because of budget considerations I have chosen open-source LAMP applications to establish a base platform so as to demonstrate Proof-of-Concept. After evaluating many CMS and stand-alone distributions over the years I have decided on Joomla which I have implement on various websites.

Recently I discovered the Anahita Social Engine, which because of “Joomla and future Nooku Server compatibility” tempted me to consider its use in my project. While I am not fixed on Joomla as the core engine I currently don’t have the funds available for a number of the commercial/subscription extensions that might temporarily suffice. If I did I would have subscribed to your premium membership and would have actual gained experience with your other extensions and could have contributed to their development or modification.

Unfortunately my time is also at a premium approximately an hour before your response I attempted to installed Ninjaboard supposedly compatible with Nooku Server. Surprise, Surprise, upon installation I immediately got notice of the following error:

Fatal error: Class KMixinCallback contains 1 abstract method and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (KCommandInterface::getPriority) in /home////libraries/anahita/legacy/koowa.php on line 868

I am as perplexed as frustrated not being able to access the front-end or Admin. After a week’s work I must now consider my options to abandon my current thoughts of using Anahita or to uninstall Anahita & reinstall and restart from scratch. Obviously doing something over again expecting a different result verges on insanity but installing Anahita and Ninjaboard again expecting it to again fail verges on stupidity.

Hints to how I should proceed with my dilemma would be greatly appreciated, as I am again unsure where the incompatibility resides or how to clear the fatal message to regain access.

Thanks in advance for any advice…

@Robert you're most welcome

I'm afraid Ninjaboard won't install on Anahita because it is not using the same revision of Nooku Framework that Anahita is using. That is why you are getting an error. Even if you somehow manage to install Ninjaboard on Anahita right now or in the future, it won't magically turn into a social app.

Not being a programmer I am extremely concerned about stability and progressive implementation of features & functionality.

You can always wait a bit longer and observe the project as it is progressing forward and see how other people's projects that are powered using Anahita will work out.

It is probably a good idea if you either partner up with a Hackerpreneur or have your own in-house (not offshore) dedicated software development team who truly believe in your cause and vision. It is very unlikely that you achieve anything significant on the Internet using only point-and-click tools. Especially that Anahita is a technology that is mainly customized by code and not much by point and clicking.
Unknown Person
July 24 2011 Permalink
@Bob: I feel your pain as I don't program and have tried and failed at a business building a social network for large residential communities using Joomla and Community Builder (and a lot of customization).

But... even I can plainly see that Joomla definitely is not the answer. If you are building a real business built on social, it is throwing good money (and time) after bad IMHO. Those tools, while cheap and "clickable" for administration, are poorly coded, full of security vulnerabilities (my site was gang raped many times by many Russians) and are simply 'stale' legacy platforms and poorly designed social engines (no offense to real social engines intended).

My biggest failure was trying to make Joomla (and its extensions) do something that it wasn't designed to do. Another big mistake I made was not hiring good developers (something to this day I cannot find because I honestly can't tell the difference).

There are plenty of "clickable" social options out there - elgg (which ironically just released a security patch), phpfox, socialengine, etc. When you choose your platform you are betting on its underlying architecture - both in terms of programming language, its code/ development platform, and it social mapping framework in the case of social.

I'm obviously not an expert, but Nooku or Drupal 7 seem to offer the best platform/ framework for development. (Neither of those are non-developer friendly BTW). Nooku is bleeding-edge, but I like the guys you're betting on. (At my day job I have successfully used Nooku to pay for the development of a financial graphing application and the developers raved about it.) Take a look at the Joomladay video for Nooku on their site:

If you compare social applications, Anahita has the best social framework and, importantly, affords the most flexibility.

So, I'm in the same boat. I'm very disappointed that I can't hack together my own "proof of concept" websites, but the internet is getting 'all grown up' now. Good developers don't want to make money anymore developing tools for hacks like us. The price of entry is now higher if you want to use 'the good stuff.' And you will be at a competitive disadvantage the day you launch if you build your site with legacy crap.

My grandfather has a saying that I should have followed the first time: "If something is worth doing, it is worth doing it well." Another good proverb: "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."

I've purchased a premium membership to simply observe at this point. I try to comment where I can to try to add value to the community, but the people on the premium side of the site are wicked smart. (@Rastin - thanks for letting premium members into the FirstTribe group BTW)

I'm waiting for events to get integrated, then I might throw some money at my concept - or maybe not. But one thing for is for sure - I'm never going to waste my time and money ever again investing in second-rate technology. I'm either going to do it right, or I'm not going to do it at all.
Thank you @Shane you nailed so many concepts right.

Just to clarify: all the Anahita social apps are developed using the Anahita software development framework. Anahita framework itself uses many aspects of the Nooku Framework that are commonly required for developing most software.

Anahita Framework specifically provides what's required for developing social apps (different types of nodes, graphs, stories, domain libraries, UI kits) as well as design patterns specifically required for developing social networking technologies.

That is exactly what's missing in many other technologies that you have mentioned.

There is a big difference between software that copies and mimics the behaviour of a social network and one where the underlying architecture is a social network. A lot of the options out there are built to mimic the feature sets of websites such as facebook or myspace. That is why they give you a nice initial start, however they don't evolve, scale, and grow like a social network should.
Get relatively cheap dev resources from Usually have to pay them some time to get up to date with Nooku though. There aren't a lot of Nooku devs on Odesk yet, but we're training up a whole bunch.
To develop custom Anahita apps, Knowledge of Nooku Framework is definitely helpful but not required. Knowledge of development using a MVC software framework and software design patterns will however be required for either type of developers to learn the Anahita framework.

I don't think there are any specifically Anahita developers out there yet. If there are any, very likely they have an account on this website and we know about them already.

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