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November 01 2011

Social Project Management/CRM

We are looking to develop a project management solution for our company. My idea is that the workflow will be social, and searchable. Each employee would have a feed of what they are responsible for. There would also be an overall company feed. The feed esentially is the tasks. I would like to see it where each task also has a discussion related to it if necessary. Just like facebook each employee would be notified as discussion happens on items they have commented on, or are assigned to. This is not unlike the tradidtional message board, but it has the social user interface that more and more people are becoming familiar with because of facebook. I definitely have moer in depth ideas on how clients and projects are oranized, as well as some aspect of billing and time tracking. I am interested to hear any thoughts on the possibilty of developing an application that follows my basic idea of a social Project Management/CRM solution.

-- On a side note I am really interested in working to develop a solution using Anahita, but without being able to install a single social app on the install I did, It is hard to justify paying for premium. Id like to get my hands on a little code, even if its for a very basic social app. Without documentation on the framework, and no free apps, Im having a very difficult time justifying paying for a premium package. #anahita #social #development

Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
November 02 2011 Permalink
Hi @Mike thank you for your question, it is great to have you with us!

We are currently using the Anahita Groups with a list of social apps installed on them (Photos, Discussions, Todos, and Pages) to manage our projects. Our Premium members can follow those groups and observe the progress as it is happening. They can also ask their technical questions, contribute suggestions, report bugs, etc.

The same apps can also be installed on people profiles. On your profile you can go to "Edit Profile" and install the Todos and Pages apps and try them out for yourself.

Note: there is a bug in the Anahita Pages app installed on Anahitapolis, we will fix it tomorrow!

All the apps generate automatic story updates that are shown on a profile's story feed and followers can see them on their dashboards too.

Next will be ability to associate Todos with other people. In the Anahita 1.7 release we will be implementing Tags in a social context. That means a node (Todo, Topic, Blog post, Photo, etc. ) can tagged and associated with other actors (people, groups, events, etc.) or terms (we will have a new type of node for this one)

This concept will very likely be sufficient for the act of creating a todo and associating it with a person or team. The only way to find out is to experiment with it first. If it didn't work out, then we may end up building a todo-to-person assignment the old fashion way or provide code examples for those who prefer implementing a more traditional workflow.

That is in the next couple of months and I cannot comment on it until we build it first and use it for a while ourselves.

Without documentation on the framework, and no free apps, Im having a very difficult time justifying paying for a premium package.

I understand. For the time being our focus is on building the upcoming releases of Anahita and nurturing the Premium Tribe. As you have mentioned it is hard to justify paying a premium fee for some people and that is why our Premium Members our heros and Rock Stars, becuase they have made that commitment to us and they believe in us. It is only fair that they get priority and access to the resrouces.

As we develop more value for our Premium Tribe members we will make some simple apps available for free in the future plus tutorials on how to develop social apps for Anahita. There are many startups out there who can save hundreds of hours of time and money if they use Anahita as their infrastructure it will make sense that we provide the basic information for them.

If you feel you are not ready to commit yet, I recommend that you take your time and hang out here for a while, interact with other free and premium members, and observe we use the Anahita technology to run our daytoday operations. We have a very helpful and supportive community, this could become the beginning of a good relationship for you to make your future projects hapen.

Our vision is for Anahitapolis to become more than a place to obtain software and support. We would also like for people to nurture their technical, business, and community managemen skills and launch great projects.

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