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May 13 2010

Estimated release dates and prices?

I know that probably these are questions that can’t have a precise answer, bust still I would like to ask:

1- Is there a scheduled date for the public release of Anahita (I’m well aware that in developing software dates are always estimated and will most likely be postponed, but just to have an idea)? 2- Do you already know how much the Anahita’s modules will cost (photos, discussions, ect, ect…)? An estimation? ;) #anahita #social #development

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Bad topic I guess. :P
I bumped the discussion of Anahita Stand Alone to the top because it explains what is included in the basic GPL engine, which will be "free", remembering that Open Source does come with an obligation to support it.

All the modules will be available by annual subscription and the prices for that have not been released yet. I've heard of numbers ranging from $300 to $500 a year, but those are mostly rumors because I don't think the developers have actually said what it will be, and I think that's because they're still thinking about it.

Last I heard, the first public release would be end of May or sometime June? It might have been pushed back to June. Because they had to upgrade alot of code for the new Nooku version that was released.

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Thank you very much for your reply Cyndy. I really appreciate it. :)

To tell you the truth I have already read the thread you are referring to, but my questions aimed for some answers that could satisfy a little bit more my curiosity/interests…answers that you gave me, more or less. ;)

Anyway, just for the record, I’m not that type of “inconvenient” person who starts to continually ask for releases dates, and maybe starts to be pissed off (pardon my language) when those dates are not “respected”, I’m far from being that guy (at least I think…hehe).

In fact I generally am a big fan of the “when it’s ready” statement, but not in this case…hehe, probably because I’m anxious to have my own project running (knowing more or less when I can start to put up my sleeves and work on it and how much the whole thing could cost me).

Thanks again for your kind reply. :)
@Cindy - Don't listen to rumors, you can always ask us directly :)

Those numbers are somewhat correct. 500$ is for partners tribe which is available right now and possibly 300$ for the Community Tribe which provides basic support, service and distribution.

Anahita Social Engine will be free as free beer. In order to obtain Anahita extensions and social apps people can sign up for one of the plans and get access to all the existing code. All distributed code is always GPL which means you can read, modify, and use it as many time as you wish.

@Riccardo - why do you want to wait for the public release? You can sign up even right now and get immediate access to everything we have developed so far, and we calculate the one year membership from the day that we make the next release of Anahita Social Engine available to public, which means you will get a couple of more month for free too.

"Is there a scheduled date for the public release of Anahita?"

Not really because it is very difficult to make such an accurate forecast in an open source project, (yes even the commercial ones) We are really keen to have the next release of Anahita Social Engine ready in 4-6 weeks considering that no surprises will be on the way. To give you an idea it took us 2 weeks to upgrade Anahita 0.9.4 to work with the most recent Nooku 0.7. That was expected but we had no idea how much time it was actually going to take.

After the next release of Social Engine is ready, then we will need to update all the existing apps to work with it, then we are going to make the Anahita Social Engine available for free download. Without applications there will be no incentives for people to sign up for any plans.

We are going to make Anahita Social Engine available before that as a preview release. Yes that is what powers this demo right now but we don't think it is still ready for launching live websites. It will be a fun pacakge for the hackers and curious minds out there to get an idea about the Anahita framework and design philosophy
So there are only two plans for signing up?
Is it possible to making a third plan?
For example without basic support and service?

I know that the most costs are from support and service because
support and service are very costly in a business plan like yours with Anahita Social Engine.

Maybe you can create a cheaper plan without support and service.
For this reason a further group with lower options and budget can singingup... like me ;)

Think about it...
What would that plan include James? Let's say if you wanted to make a list.
I have new ideas
Plan A)
Developer Plan
Price: 500$

Download everything
Access to Developer Only Sections of the Service/Support Plan
(Maybe Access to join your Support/Service Team, if you search someone)

Pro: Usually developer developes for a company or a customer with all of your extensions, so its important to have a solid Support. Also they earn money with your projects ( I don't know if GPL allows member to sell your projects, but maybe you can creat a licence for developer only)

Contra: -

Plan B)
Community Plan for 1 Year
Price: ~250-300$

Download everything
Basic Support & Service for 1 Year

1 Year Basic Support & Service, GPL Licence
(In comparison to Plan C its low price)

Contra: (No contra. I think for a GPL Project its a good price)

Plan C)
Community Plan for 6 Month
Price: ~150-200$

Download everything, GPL Licence
Basic Support & Service for 6 month.

*Low Price = remember always: Anahita vs competition
*Low Price in the Joomla-World = remember, why the most of the users take Joomla - because its free. So they have the slogan 'Cheap is cool' in their mind!
*Low Price = A User can swallow one’s pride and buy it to use it.
*Low Price = A low price its attractive = A good fight against Warez, torrents

Contra: -

Think about it and PLEASE Rastin and co. Correct me, if I was wrong. I like to learn more from the business strategy.
Hey james, reading from your idea, it hink your almost there. @Rastin correct me if iam wrong please, but I think this is what they going to offer:

1) partner tribe access for 500$/year (availeble right now here) this is targeted to dev company, web atelier, ... in other words integrators. It gives access to all the resources for download (full read svn access), partners googlegorup access, and access to a dedicated skypegorup where partner have direct access to the core anahita team and also among partners too.

2) Community Tribe at about 300$/year with basic support, distribution adn service.

What u r suggesting is a 6 month instead of one year community trab plan to be also made avaleble, right?
Yes, a 6 month community trab as a third plan.
Commercial Open Source Projects mainly rely on two kind of people:

1) people willing to spend money in order to save time.

For this people the partner tribe access or the Communiyt tribe access i think is allready a bargain if compared to hiring someone to build such a framwork. I also think that this kind of people seeking to spend money in order to save time is loking into good support, services, and fast distribution as first things.

2) people willing to spend time in order to save money.
Well this are the one who will downlaod the anahita social engine (that willl be free as beer), start plaing with, read the code, experimenting and slowly start to build someting upon its framweork and apis.

So to me even if' don't know more about this i see that anahita is addressing correctly the two main target that any OCommercial Open Source project has.

for anyone interested in discovering more i suggest a good point is to read about the beekeeper model

tell me what ya think? But a 6 month plan can be an option anyway ;.)
@James - Thank you so much! Your plan is not much off from what we've had in mind. Basically 3 plans (1 year partner tribe, 1 year community tribe, 6 months community tribe)

We have set the prices in those ranges to be reasonable but not cheap.

1. We don't think there are competitors out there, only variations. This is not a cellphone or laptop market. Anahita is not a commodity product!

2. We would really want to attract the kind of community members who are willing to spend a bit more for quality. That is a sign of commitment. This is a strategy which has been immensely successful in our consulting and software development services. We stopped participating in bids, RFPs and price wars and as a result we have built a network of loyal clients who are more than happy to invest in our team and this network is nurturing itself which has resulted into reducing our marketing costs to almost nothing.

So reasonable pricing is good, "Cheap is so uncool" because it attracts the wrong type of subscribers who will only hurt the culture of the community and its vision. You never see Apple or BMW go by the cheap slogans.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts though, it actually confirmed that a lot of what we've had in mind was consistent with your idea.

I have questions about the Partner Tribe and the Community Tribe. As a member of the tribe are you granted free access to the Social Apps? Or "some" social apps? What incentive do partners and community members have to contribute apps to the tribe? Will some be free and some be an additional charge? How will all this work?
Partners Tribe are mainly developers so they get access to the entire code repository of past, present, and upcoming releases that are being developed. It is important for 3rd party development companies to know about the changes and project vision sometimes few months ahead of time.

Partners also have their development and programing questions answered, they are consulted, involved, and educated on the software development aspects of Anahita and have first hand access to all the news and future plans.

Community tribe get access to installable packages of the existing code and updates from the previous releases. Community tribe members are mainly website integrators and configurators. They are basically using whatever developed in the Partner's tribes and learning how to use and integrate them.

You can see that the Read and Write analogy even applies here. Partners are mainly Writers of the code and Community Tribe are mainly readers, consumers, and users of the code.

ALL social apps and extensions are available to both tribes following the structure that I've just explained and all the code licenses are always GPL.
ok, but I'm still trying to understand how social apps will be made available. Will they be free to partners and community tribe members? Will some be an additional charge? Are they all required to be GPL as well?

I'm trying to understand in what context Social Apps (Anahita extensions) will be distributed. I assume that yourself and Arash will be making social apps as well? Will yours be free to partners and community tribe members?
@peter Extensions and Social apps will be distributed via Anahitapolis once we go public. Anahitapolis is a social network powered by Anahita which acts as the support and distribution center for everything Anahita related.

All the extensions and social apps are available to the registered members to the website who have signed up for either community or partner's tribe.

Once you have paid for either plans, you get access to the growing collection of extensions and social apps.

"Will they be free to partners and community tribe members?"

Partners and Community tribe members have already paid their annual membership fees at the door to come in. They won't get charged extra for downloading extensions and social apps.

Ok.. sounds good.. but then my question is.. If a developer makes a social app for a project of theirs, what is their incentive to share it with the community?
They set the terms. They own the copyright for that social app. The license of course has to be GPL if they are planning to share it with everybody else. That's how GPL works. They can distribute it on their own websites or via Anahitapolis if they like. We don't really have any thoughts to share regarding those situations at the moment.
Ok, but there will likely be commercial (pay for) apps also I assume, right? Will yourself and Arash be releasing social apps also? I want to get behind Anahita but I want to understand where social app development is going to come from because that will be quite important. I hope these aren't annoying questions.. just important.
"Ok, but there will likely be commercial (pay for) apps also I assume, right?"

By whom? 3rd party developers? If they decide to offer them on their own websites, through price per download or membership plans it's their business.

"Will yourself and Arash be releasing social apps also?"

Of course Discussion, photos, groups, events, invites, projects, blogs, twitter, facebook integrations, etc. are all the Anahita social apps and extensions that we are developing and we will be making them available via Anahitapolis.

Ok, great. Sounds good to me. So basically it will be similar to how other commercial platforms are set up. The difference being if someone JUST wants the engine then it's actually free. I Luke this method for a number of reasons and I was actuall trying to push phpFoX in this direction but theyvdidnt see how it would benefit them. I don't mind paying more also becausebitbmeans there will be better development. At the dame time there will be more people involved because of the open source structure with the free enginevand framework for people to toy around with.. AND the advantage of being able to deploy on unlimited domains. I hope I'm painting an accurate depiction now.

Well, I'm certainly increasingly excited. I want to learn more how to work with Anahita now. It's going to be a process for me. Sorry for bogging you down with questions.

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