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Peter Armenti

May 17 2010

Private Message System - Essential

I propose that a Private Message system is essential for Anahita. If it is to be made as a social app, that is fine.. but it is never-the-less essential, and I believe it should be made by the Anahita team because so many other apps are going to want/need to hook into it.

I was thinking about the social apps that I would want to see developed and have realized that they will all need to be part of a private message system.

1) Events 2) Marketplace 3) Groups 4) Business Directory 5) many more..

All of these Social Apps, modules, extensions (whatever you call them in Anahita) need a central private message system to work off of. I don't think a community can work without a private message system as not everything should be public.. additionally, the private message system is so essential that it should be built and supported by the core team so that it is standard (as so many things are going to rely on it). I don't mind this being a "paid for" option.. as long as it exists and is dependable and can be reliably built upon and hooked into.

I'm just about ready to commit to Anahita but I think this is necessary. Everyone's thoughts and feedback are appreciated. #anahita #social #development

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Hi @peter,

I agree with you being essential, and yes We are ourselves very interested in building both pm and chat. One of reason we are withholding from building them, aside from the priority of releasing version 1.0 first, is that we just don't want to copy PM and chat from other social networks but to study its reasoning and come up with a proper solution.

thanks for your concern though. I hope I answered your question.
Hi Arash.. sure.. as long as it is definitely part of the roadmap than I am happy. I wasn't sure if the intent was to leave it to the community to develop the PM system, which I thought was a bad idea.

I'm glad to hear that it will be developed and supported by the official Anahita team. Will this be a priority after the 1.0 release? Sorry to be a pain, but it will be difficult for me to use this as my community solution until that is available.

Could you possibly give us a quick list of social apps (modules) that you consider to be part of your official Anahita roadmap? I won't hold you to them, but ones that you have in mind would be helpful to hear.

Thanks again.
Hi Peter,

There are some essential Anahita Extensions that we have high priority.

1 - Group
2 - Subscription
3 - Twitter/Facebook Connect ( already started )
5 - Share (similar to the Facebook Share App)

And There are ones that require some researching
1 - Video
2 - Chat
3 - Private Messaging

Obivously if it were up to us we'd like to build everything that we need righ away ;). but right now we really to make sure we're focused on the goal and deliver Anahita SoicalEngine.
The Private Messaging implementation that I had in mind is basically similar to the discussions topics except only 2 or N number of people can see the content and the related replies. The message is also owned by an owner type person.

Other 3rd party developers can also come up with their own implementations. There are more than one ways to implement this app.

Not every social network needs public messaging and in order to keep the Social Engine as light and lean as possible, public messaging will be available as a social app similar to discussions, photos, etc.
Could you possibly give us a quick list of social apps (modules) that you consider to be part of your official Anahita roadmap?

I would take the word "official" out. The only official roadmap is what are implementing immediately next.

Additional social apps that we have in mind are the followings

Bug Tracker
Payment Processors
Posted Links (for posting links to videos, photos, articles, or any other resources on the Internet)

There is no particular order in mind. We decide what to build next based on the following criteria:

1. It is required for the operation of our business

2. We already have enough building blocks in hand to reuse in order to build a new app

3. One or many partner(s) have placed an inquiry and contributed to partially or fully fund the development hours for the new social app or extension.

Those 3 criteria are not constant and depend on the state of being of our business, our partners' businesses, and the number of involved partners. That is why we don't give any long term promises and instead only share a vision.

James O'Sullivan
James O'Sullivan
May 17 2010 Permalink
Hi Rastin, can you expand briefly on what the Projects App might be? I am thinking some kind of marketplace app would be certainly worth while or even the ability to add simple links to items such as photos (to order originals), videos, events (for tickets), even if these links were third party for now - ultimately there could be a buy button but near some of these items - I probably need to look into this alot more myself and give some solid examples of what I am referring too.
Unknown Person
May 17 2010 Permalink
- Events
- Marketplace
- Business Directory

would love to see them... ;-)

best regards!
Would love to see business directory with simple commenting and rating system.
I'm always torn between integrations and native apps or extensions.. it would seem to me that if so much time and development was put into an existing script that best thing to do would be to integrate... but for some reason it seems to present issues.. or I have been met with difficulty in the past finding developers to do such.

phpMyDirectory has a joomla login integration.. and of course mosets tree does as well. I don't know.. I'd love to start a discussion group or what not about such things. What are your thoughts?

Do you think it's easier to integrate or code from scratch?
Unknown Person
June 02 2010 Permalink
Private Message - yes ofcorse.
But markeplace system? I think no..
We can get some app from big marketplace (like , ebay..).
I think we don't need all in one... We must focus on the main elements...
@James - A Project actor node is basically a specialized Group with a start and end date and the type of social applications that are used within a project are specific for that purpose such as (bug trackers, discussions, photos, asset management, wikis, etc.)

I like the idea that you have mentioned. I think if we further extend our photos and videos app within a market place actor node we can build something like that using the Anahita. Any takers for that project?
@Peter - Fusing applications with the social engine will only reduce it's ability to evolve and also it will lead to bloated software. I prefer an architecture that provides simple, light and identifiable building blocks. Then you can build custom solutions by bundling those basic building blocks together and that will give you so many different permutations.

You can tell I spend a lot of time playing with legos as a kid and never liked to get a police car or red truck toy as a gift. I could always build better trucks and police cars using my legos.

The All-In-One approach works for products with a very short life span and customers who are continually throwing out their old solution and buying new ones.
Public messaging is basically a discussion topic happening and visible between 2 or amongst a specific number of people. Many of them try to mimic the behaviour of a desktop Email application, but fortunately that approach seems to be shifting away in many social networks.
Maybe it could be possible to create a window, a so called communication center, where you can decide if you want to send your text as a PM to someone or if he's available online on a chat window.
Maybe it could be extended to Instant Messengers like ICQ, MSN , Skype? Maybe something for a 3rd party social anahita app?

Maybe this could be integrated to the status bar of Anahita, Facebook and Twitter?

Just my 2 pennies.
not to get too involved in this.. because I know you're not there yet.. cometchat is a great user IM script :)
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
August 02 2010 Permalink
@Michel There are so many different ways to implement private communication and chat. That is why we haven't incorporated that into the Anahita Social Engine. Different types of private communication and messaging can be implemented as Anahita Social apps and extensions and installed on the Social Engine.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
August 02 2010 Permalink
@Peter the main obstacle with implementing a 3rd party chat services is the fact that the chat service should be able to query the social engine, get the list of followers and leaders, display whether they are online or not, and then initiate a chat between 2 person nodes. I wonder if cometchat provides source code and API for us to do that!
Peter Armenti
August 02 2010 Permalink
cometchat team usually takes care of that. Works with many platforms already including joomla so it might already work to a degree. I think they ready have plugins for vb, phpbb, phpFoX, dolphin, social engine, elgg, many many more. Lot of features too. Enough to get people off your back asking about it anyway :)
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
August 03 2010 Permalink
We've actually been contacted by them 2 times. One email this morning. I should invite them to join in as a partner and build an Anahita cometchat extension.
James Imani
James Imani
August 03 2010 Permalink
The most of the Webhosting-providers don't allowed using Chats because of their traffics and overloads. (Unless you have your own server.)

But maybe I'm not updated by the new systems and the chats are 'Server-friendly'...

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