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Eugene Tizon

Eugene Tizon

May 23 2010

Suggestion - Module/Gadget Option

Just a suggestion, an option to include everyone and not just people on your social graph on modules like recent replies, recent topic, recent photos etc. #suggestions

That'd be good but the point of dashboard gadgets (they're not really modules as in Joomla modules) is to filter in the most relevant information for the user. For a community of thousands, the most basic way to show the most relevant information to the user is by using their socialgraph rather bring all the photos available. Having said that in different networks, there might be different cases, that's why in Anahita it's possible to customize pretty much anything to suit certain needs
There could be a toggle between the two.. that would be nice..

A tabbed toggle between social graph updates.. and site updates (as per privacy permissions). Could show new users, new discussions, new photos. Maybe more of a "what's new" type feed. I don't think it'd be necessary to see every reply and such sitewide.
What about including self to recent replies and recent topics?
@peter - Dashboard doesn't bring site wide updates, it brings all the stories from your leaders only (including yourself the "Viewer") and every gadget is often updates from the leaders per social application. That is a standard defined that every social app developer can follow (partly inspired by the Google Opensocial gadget and canvas views)

If somebody wants to rearrange everything to show up as tabs they can do it using template overwrites. That also means they have to develop template overwrites for every application gadget so they look good in tabs. We leave those type of experiments to the 3rd party developers, but the option is there.

The Dashboard view and story feed will become more elaborate as the project moves forward. (i.e grouping similar stories, filtering by tags, application, leader, etc.)

@Eugene - Perhaps we should to stay consistent with the story feed that does include the "Viewer" stories as well as the Leaders.

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