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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

May 24 2010

Anahita the alpha girl in the social networking universe

Hello Anahitapolis community!

You can now download your own copy of the Anahita Social Engine 1.0 alpha 1 codename White Angelica from the Anahitapolis:

Download Page: Anahita Social Engine ™ 1.0

Blog Announcement: Anahita the alpha girl in the social networking universe

May the code be with you, so say we all!

:) #anahita #social #networking #engine

Thank you guys. When are you going to offer the community plan?
you will be the first to know :)
wow.. exciting news.. and congratulations to yourself and Arash.. I do believe I may be committing to Anahita shortly :)

Also...its easy to upgrade from Alpha 1 to Alpha 2 in the future without losing Anahita-Database?
@Peter - thank you :)
@James - we were going to make the Social Engine available for free and here she is. If you want migration from Alpha 1 to 2 you'll need to use jdev and command line, because there won't be a less technical option available for this release.
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OMG! That's awesome!!!

(/me runs to download page).
James O'Sullivan
James O'Sullivan
May 24 2010 Permalink
Whoo hoo:) super job.
I tested it!
Really awesome job @Rastin & @Ash.

I'm studying the code now...really clear!
I'm not sure but for now Anahita works only with her own Template.
I try to test it with other templates but I think I have to modify them.
Mootools, some Slideshow-Components etc doesn't work on other Templates
(Nooku is guilty I think).

And I have no idea how difficult it is to modify my own template.

And language-packs doesn't work, too.
Hey James, the language pack are not installable one you should just copy them inside the language dir. There still are some special character issue as we just need to escape those chars... but they shoudl workd otherwise. What is the problem you are facing? let me know if i may help you out.

@ash & @rastin - nice job guys that the code may with you too!
@Hi Nick, thank you very well!
I try to copy the german language-data in the german-language-folder, but Anahita doesn't work in this way.

I make you some examples of the errors:

...and so on!

Every word in the Anahita Social Engine is like my examples. It doesn't show the german word. It shows the english word with 'AN-SE'

( you know how to customize a Joomla-Templates, so that Anahita can work with all his mootools etc? For example we take the standard Joomla Theme: rhuk_milkyway)
@james did you install the German language pack first ? Also you need to set your language in the front to German after installing Joomla German language pack
@Ash...the german language pack is installed a long time ago and also its the default language for Joomla Frontpage. And I try to switch via Anahita's Account Information Menu from german to english and english to german.
Always the german doesn't work but english works!

Here is a link of a picture to show you the error:
Hey James - Try this :

I think it was an issue of a file not utf8, have a go with this, and if it works @ash please update the germanzip on the language pack to download with this one too.

YES! Now it works! Thank you Nick!
Nick, did you translate it?

There are a few wrong translated words.
I think I'm going to correct them.

(Last question: Its normal, that Anahita doesn't work with other Themes but only with her own? Have I modify my own themes to bring Anahita to work?)
Yes, we did translate them (the german one was made by @romano) of course they are aplha translations as well...feel free to correct them and I'll make the corrected version on the language pack.

yes - you right about the theme.
Hi James. I did my best.. but german is not my mother language, so please feel free to correct them, you welcome.
I translate 60-70% of the german-package.
But its only for the frontpage!


Attention: Some words you can translate to other words. For example: Story Feeds

You can translate it in: Neuigkeiten, Geschichte, Artikel etc but I choose Neuigkeiten, because its better to understand for a Social Network.

Also my translation-form uses: ö, ä. ü instead of ae, oe, ue
anyone experiencing the profile edit not saving? It has #undefine on url.
Great James !! Tnx for the insights :-)

@ash can u please update the pack with James's files?
Hey Eugene, it run perfectly here the save on profile. What brower you using?

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