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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

May 27 2010

Anahita Social ™ Invites

We have installed our first implementation of Anahita Social ™ Invites. You can all each invite up to 3 people max to this website which will be soon merged with the main Anahitapolis website.

If anybody you know in your social circle who might be interested in the Anahita project you can now invite them here. We trust you that all the people that you will be inviting are all as wonderful as you are :) #anahita #social #development

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and bug reports are appreciated too!
I have a comment re: Invites.

It's unclear if the invite box is for the email address, or for the message (I'm thinking like the not-so-savvy user) I discovered it was for the email address by trying the email address first. Maybe this needs to clarified.

Also, Can I put more than 1 email address in the invite box? If yes, do they need to be on separate lines, or separated by a comma or semi-colon?
I agree with all points. We need a description before the box. Will take care of it today. Thank you Jen.
does the invite app send a coded url? meaning.. does anahitapolis know WHO invited someone? and if so can there be stats kept for an individual? such as

Peter Armenti
10 invites
3 joined

That would be fun to have for many reasons. I had that on a previous social network script and it worked really well as a motivator for people to invite because you can also have "top inviters" and such.. even prizes given away for "top inviter of of the month" and such.

just some silly quick ideas to expand.
SEND INVITES has a wrong place.
It should be a button in own profile instead off beeing placed in the dachboard.
James O'Sullivan
James O'Sullivan
May 27 2010 Permalink
Its a very nice touch - possibly some tracking of these invites about be nice in the backend of anahita but maybe this is part of your list already..... good job again
@peter - not at this point. Keeping track of who invited who is mainly useful if we want to reward people let's say on a point system. At this point that wasn't our concern so the first release of invites doesn't keep track of who invited who. It only provides the option for every person to invite a maximum N number of people to the social network.

We will be implementing more elaborate tracking system in the upcoming releases. There will be many useful applications for it, for example if an inviter could earn extended free membership for every new subscriber that they invite to the community.

@James - Not true. The dashboard is ONLY visible to the "viewer" (i.e. person logged in) if we display the invites gadget on a person profile then it would have been visible to every body on every profile.

Dashboard is supposed to be the landing page for a social network and it is a private spot for the viewer only. That is where all the incoming stories from the social graph, updates, news, and personalized apps are located.
Hoping that future release has the ability to invite friends list on your facebook and email account.
Hoping that future release has the ability to invite friends list on your facebook and email account.second that
facebook connect is on its way. I am not sure you can send message to your friends through facebook connect (I think they consider that spamming). but I think you publish a story about yourself joining a social network that way your friends on facebook can see that

email account, We intentionally left the email inviter out. I think there has been big discussion about this on the Anahita Partner google group. However one of our partners has developed an openinviter based on Anahita that lets the user to invite all contacts from their email. ;)
OpenInviter integration sounds great.

A previous social network script I used had facebook, myspace, Twitter, etc friend invites. I don't believe facebook frowns on it. They bought the largest company that provided solutions for such (Octazen). OpenInviter is the new open source replacement since Octazen has left the market. Facebook claims it was a talent acquisition. OpenInviter doesn't work as well as Octazen did, but perhaps it will get there. OpenInviter supposedly supports social network invites also but I can't get facebook to work on the demo.
IMHO, one setback of invitation by typing email is one rarely remember his friends email address.
Yeah, nowadays everything auto finds for you even within your own mail applications. I know very few email addresses. I don't even know the phone numbers of people I call most. Not even
any of the numbers :). BUT.. there are times you'll go through the trouble of figuring it out.
Hi Arash, I hope you don't think I'm banging on your app.. It's great, just participating in the discussion.
Me too. Just want anahita to succeed by giving suggestions.
guys I very am privileged to have you here and taking the effort to give your opinion. please don't stop ;)
Please take a look. Facebook is now expanding its reach with address book import.
I would never trust facebook or any other social networks with my online or offline address books and wouldn't want to contribute to building technologies that do so as well.
I'm thinking that is definitely the OCTAZEN team at work for facebook. They acquired the best talent in that field and effectively made their talents inaccessible to others. It's nice to have the big bucks :)
June 13 2010 Permalink
If you do have a facebook connection will there be the option to turn it off and on...

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