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James Imani

James Imani

May 30 2010

Great App Idea

I have a great idea for Anahita's Application. Everyone knows Facebook-Connect. You click on a facebook-button, a window opens and asks you if you want to sign'in via your facebook-data. You guys from Anahitapolis are already developing the facebook-connect app.

But what about Anahita'Connect? ^^ Imagine 'I' run 2 sites and both have Anahita installed. We call Site 1 and Site 2

And now I'm registered on and wants to register on With Anahita'Connect'app I could sign'in on via my! :D

What do you think`? I think such an app isn't out there for Joomla! #anahita #social #development

At that point I'd wonder if it wouldn't be duplicating OpenID functionality.
Unknown Person
June 02 2010 Permalink
I think if you're using social engine you don't need it. I have idea to create own "facebook" site.. You don't have so ambition?
It would be interesting if you had a network if sites that you wanted to tie together under a mother site or something. I think this might be able to be done through api's or something called rpc or something like that. Anyone know what I'm thinking of?
@peter now you're talking :)

I've been pondering with the idea of having an AnahitaConnect concept and also the idea of building a distributed network of social networks has been on my mind since 2 years ago when we started the Anahita project. Ash and I have even discussed how we can start implementing some of those ideas by the end of this year and a lot of the required infrastructure is already in place.

In order to make those happen we need to have several social networks launched first, each with significant user base, and wanting to connect with each other. Then we can start experimenting. The concept of decentralized and distributed social web is still quite new, it is also the new sexy buzzword. Problem is that everybody have their own definition and point of view. The only way to make it happen is to experiment a lot and build it in multiple stages.
Aha...I never thought Rastin that you have always the same idea! :D

I think about that every administrator can generate a code via Anahita in the Backend of Site 1 (Mother-Site) and put this Code into Site2!
Now...everyone from Site 1 can signin easily into site 2 with his site1-data!
It should work in the other way around, too.

So you can connect all of your websites. Its great Idea. But maybe difficult to develope....I don't know.

Rastin or Ash have to comment on this idea.
@peter rpc i think is not the perfect choice for this, i think rest is just what we will looking forward to make this happen and nooku fw is fully even better and allready in place as Rastin Said. We are open to discuss this with other people working on real project to wondering how to connect to ohanah for us will be awesome to experiment how to become an event specialized node inside this new realm.
@james there are much more elegant ways to do that instead of code generation ;) just wait and see.

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