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Nick Balestra

nick balestra

June 02 2010

that damn breadcrumb

While I was trying to make the breadcrumb working in other environment i just thought that a social engine should have its own "brheadcrumb " system. I wouldn't call it breadcrumb but more then a path history, as you navigate trough the graph from node to node by crossinf edges, a path is formed that is more something like a cronology, but not exatly... Because to reach a certain node in the graph there can be different path, or maybe just a possible single path - paths can really really interesting inside graph navigation and i think studies should be address into this as i personally think that a normal breadcrumb doesn't tell that much about. The Königsberg bridge problem ( is what started the graph theory ion modern mathematics. People make theyr own path patterns and so i think that at least wil be nice to store this data somehow. I am thinking of building some kind of tracker that can do this in anahita so that we just start collecting some kind of rawdata, and later we can see how to use this data, possibility can be by algoritm that suggest you the next node to visit, or that understand your way of traveling inside the graph. What you think about this? i'll carry on my reasearches and let you know if something else pop up in my mind. #suggestions

"i just thought that a social engine should have its own "brheadcrumb " system"

I think so too. Joomla's default breadcrumb is good for a CMS but not too sure if it is working for a social engine.

On the other hand does a social network need a breadcrumb?

I couldn't find one on facebook, twitter, flickr, and youtube.

Maybe we should get rid of it all together.
bingo! for sure we have to get rid of "breadcrumbs" - that was the point in my "that damn bradcrumb" post ;-). Second i was just thinking of find a way of collecting navigation path (patterns) data how to use can come up in a later stage.
Well, I can think of times when breadcrumbs help in discussion app. Sometimes you want an easy link back from a topic to a category without having to go all the way to the beginning of discussion home page just to get back where you want. I don't know.. am I off base?
@peter, i agree in that case, but maybe something inside discussion scope, not sitewise... so maybe we can implement something similar inside com_discussions, what you recon rastin?
@peter in any case you can use the bradcrumb with joomla and com_discussion and assign the bradcrumb to be wisible only inside disucssion, thats just a module setting inside joomla btw.
Breadcrumb is still not officially out of the picture yet. We will still continue to experiment with it, but before the beta release we can tell for sure whether we want to keep the breadcrumbs in or not.

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