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June 02 2010

Two suggestion.

Hello. I have two suggestion.. Register witch other "user". Like "Musican" and "normal user" with other right to do. Musican can get access to aplication like music, player, upload etc.

And Music app to that.

What you think about it? #suggestions

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I think I heard something about this possibly. Would love to hear more input.

On a side note.. ability to subscribe to a topic without having to comment might be nice also :)
You can have a setup so people can chose what apps to want to use, instead of boxing them into different profile types.
that sounds like it's good also.. BUT .. choosing a profile type will also make them searchable by that type.. so you can then search "musicians" or "photographers" or even all different types of professions.
There are many ways to do that. You can use one of the existing open social person profile fields such as "job_interests"

You can use a different set of person profile fileds (facebook, twitter, or a set of fields defined by you) and use them instead of the default open social fields provided by the Anahita Social Engine.

You can use tags "musician, photographer" on people nodes that get indexed and used when a search conducted.
August 18 2010 Permalink
I believe that what Dominik is asking for, is something similar to JomSocial Profile Types which can be found at

Personally, I would love to have an extension (of-course the framework and main apps, have to be done first). An example a social network with users above and below 18 (or legal limit in your country), for security purposes one who is over 18 cannot interact with one who is below 18 and vice-versa.

Taking this example a step further, if one was under 18 when they signed up, and has many "friends" when they turn 18 (which they made before 18), that they can continue their interaction with only those "friends" (in the below 18 category) while being able to interact with members who are over 18.

A quick note on search, that the current implementation is very limited in functionality; it would be great if it were ajaxable, and one can refine their search based upon fields in the profile. Example search for females between xx & xx living in the xxx area (based on their address, or current city field), with hair color of xxx and xxx eye color.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
October 05 2010 Permalink
It is quite doable to write a system plugin that does that.

How will you ensure that people will enter the correct age?
October 11 2010 Permalink
One can never be sure how old someone really is (as that is the nature of the internet). However it still would be a good thing for those who will run a network with mixed ages (such as myself) to protect their users.

One would also have to take other steps (invite only - so that you or the one inviting can "vouch" for the person, including clear definitions in the tos [that if they use false info that their account will be removed etc.], I am sure that there are other ideas out there).

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