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Unknown Person

August 16 2010

Semantic Formats

I think a long term goal would be to support some RDF output to help identify connections between people. There is FOAF ( and various other ontologies that describe a person and their relationships. At this point, I wouldn't know what is the best flavor for this, but you can see parts of it in practice in Wordpress with their FOAF support, on LinkedIn with a hCard microformat (, or freebase which outputs an RDF document (Chuck Norris:

The benefits of linked data in an accessible format are numerous, but its basically to allow Anahita to be useful for other programs to integrate with. I know Nooku can easily output to JSON, but that doesn't necessarily provide the same linked data.

Is this something that is of interest to the program's development in the future?

Regards, Jeremy #suggestions

Nick Balestra
nick balestra
August 19 2010 Permalink
Hey Jeremy, completely agree about RDF , a social graph, and more generically a graph architetcture is the perfect place for semantic, especially for the edges that connect the nodes in the graph.

In fact socialnetwork can be prettymuch resumed in "adding semantic(meaning) to o links (edges)

In anahita if this semantic trough rfd will be implemented at the edge level, using the adge name to define the connection then this Jeremy can be extended not only to identify the connection between people (lead - follow -mutual) but any node connected to anyother node trough edges like for example attennding an event, or author of a blog, or member of a group, ...

so my +1 for RDF ;-)
Unknown Person
August 20 2010 Permalink
Thanks Nick, its one of those things that doesn't have obvious implications on how powerful it can be. The social graph/network is possibly the most obvious place where linked data can be easily and most logically applied. Its not as clear on how to link other kinds of data, but human relationships to one another and to various social activities is very clear.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
August 20 2010 Permalink
Hi @Jeremy it is so great to see you here and thank you for posting out the FOAF and RDF information for us. I think implementing those features wouldn't be a major challenge in the Anahita framework, I guess we just have to wait for the next opportunity that RDF outputs are required so we can allocate resources and implement it.

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